Sunday Afternoon Glitterings…

One of my coworkers is getting married in September and she mentioned a few weeks ago that she was thinking about adding some glitter to her wedding shoes. I told her I could probably do that, I’m pretty sure I can glitter just about anything at this point. Last week she brought her shoes in for me to look at and I told her I had several colors of glitter that were probably really close to the color of her shoes. I brought in the jars, we compared colors, picked the closest match, and discussed how much glitter she wants. Not solid glitter on the cork soles… but a couple layers of glitter and acrylic medium to give it some sparkle would be great. 

The pictures show base shoe, 1 layer, and 2 layers of glitter. I think I’m going to do one more layer of glitter then add a final layer of satin varnish. 

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to varnish the 4 leaf clovers I find while walking my dog onto the backs of the Rainbow Glitter Fluid Paintings I’ve been making. Otherwise they just sit around my apt until I lose them, I thought this would be a nice way to pass them on. I varnished one I still have from last summer onto the back of the first painting I’ve sold in my Etsy shop. 💜🍀

I’ve also been thinking of revisiting my idea to make glitter arm bands. I’m pretty sure I have all the materials… I’m just hung up on sizes, I’m not sure how wide to make them. I’ll probably do some testing while I’m on vacation from my day job later this month and see how it goes. 


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