Just a couple things for now 

I had an idea to do fluid glitter on old cds while I wait to buy more wood panels. Then I had an idea to put fleece or felt on the back and make them into coasters. So I made 8 and glued fleece to the back of 4 of them. I took 2 of them to work and I’ve been using them under my drippy coffee mug and my sweaty water bottle. They don’t work great. They stick to the bottom of my mug and my water bottle. They’re pretty, but the sticking is something I’m having trouble getting past, and I’m just not even remotely comfortable selling them with this issue. So. Oh well. It was an idea that was worth trying. 

I’ve also been thinking about starting a patreon. Maybe doing mini paintings for specific reward levels with monthly themes. Possibly doing exclusive videos of the fluid glitter process. Or perhaps limited postcard prints. I’ve been resisting the idea of doing patreon myself because my art is physical and not digital… but I think it’s doable if there’s interest. 

This painting is available on Etsy! I’m so proud of this painting. I think it’s the best one. I’ve done so far and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! 


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