Just Glitter Everything 

I’ve been wanting a new wallet for a while. I wasn’t having any luck finding a nice leather wallet at a price I wanted to pay. I couldn’t find a cute wallet with skulls, mermaids, cephalopods, or dragons that fit my needs or aesthetic. 
So I found a plain black rfid blocking “leather” wallet on Amazon for $9 and decided just to buy it. The listing was a little misleading. Parts said “genuine leather,” other parts said “high quality PU leather,” and some reviews talked about the leather smell, but it was $9 so my hopes for genuine leather were not high. 
The zipper is kind of huge and VERY gold, I’d really prefer it was silver, or less dominant on the wallet, but I can’t do anything about that now. 

Since the wallet is decidedly NOT genuine leather, I’ve decided to cover it in glitter. Right now I’ve just got the first coat of black gesso on it. Then I’m going to do some thin coats of glitter and acrylic medium. I haven’t decided what color yet. Then I’m going to put a glitter skulls or a mermaid tail on it. 
Because I really can glitter anything. 😘


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