The Struggle of Creation 

Last week John Scalzi posted a thread on twitter about how difficult it is to write in the current social and political climate. The world is going under; natural disasters across the planet, mass shootings in our backyards, the president is a tangerine colored buffoon who cannot be controlled or managed, and the government is trying to kill everyone who isn’t a rich white man. 

As if being an artist isn’t hard enough under normal circumstances, we have to also contend with the suffering of everyone on a massive scale. It’s hard. It’s really hard. 

Art thrives not because of adversity, but despite it. So I keep going and doing what I can. Slowly. A little at a time. I wonder whether the quality is up to my standards. I wonder if it even matters. I doubt anyone even pays attention to what I’m doing. 

I try to tell myself it does matter. I try to tell myself that even the smallest steps count. I try to remember that art is important. 

Being creative is always a struggle. Some days the struggle is much harder than others. 


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