New Paintings!

It’s been too long since my last post.

I have a number of new paintings to post, I have a new Patreon I started this month, I have a couple videos on my new YouTube channel, and I’m working on a tutorial for my rainbow paintings.

First, let’s chat about the environmental impact of micro plastics. In short? They’re terrible for the environment. There’s been talk lately of scientists wanting to ban micro plastics like has been done with micro beads that used to be in bath products. While I don’t believe that a ban on micro plastics (glitter) is immediately viable or likely, glitter is used by A LOT of different industries and our government is in the process of imploding, so I sincerely doubt this will happen any time soon.

Having said that, I have made a personal decision to stop buying standard glitter. I’ve been using a very high quality polyester craft glitter that I order online from Bulk Glitters. The quality is vastly superior to anything I’ve bought in a craft store. However, it’s still environmentally questionable.

I’m going to continue to use the polyester glitter I already have, but I’ve been working with biodegradable glitter and mica pigments to determine how best to use them instead.

Here is one of the recent paintings I did with mica pigments added to the paint. I think it turned out lovely! đź’ś


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